Banner Design

Leading Edge Info Solutions will provide you with the compelling banner designs that will make online marketing a success for you. If you have any new offers to launch and create some audience, then you are surely on the right page. Our banner designs will prove out to be simple and powerful for all the types of audience for which you want to put forth your message across the globe. We specialize in maintaining and providing professional banner deigns for engaging traffic and boosting of the sales.

We have an expertise in designing professional and the high quality banners for the Ads and social media accounts. We designs banner as per the needs and preferences of the customers especially within the specified duration. The best part is that your social Accounts and Ads will look unique with our customized web graphics.

We design social Media banners as per the their recommended specifications-

  • Twitter: The ideal Twiiter cover paege is 1500 pixels wide, 500 pixels tall.
  • Facebook: The ideal Facebook cover paege is 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall.
  • Google+: The ideal Google+ cover paege is 2120 pixels wide, 1192 pixels tall.
  • LinkedIn: The ideal LinkedIn cover paege is 1536 pixels wide, 768 pixels tall.

Our team of expert graphic designers makes it sure that a compelling web banner design has been made with the following key features –

  • An attractive headline
  • A compelling content
  • A unique offer
  • A call to action button to catch the users

Our graphic designers are going to take care of all the types of banners from the static banner designs to flash banner designs