Time log is a software which helps the customers in keeping a track of time like how many hours you have spent doing a particular task or how much time you spent in the organization.

Time log is very crucial for tracking the timings of an individual he/she might have spend in the organization while performing various activities.

The time log is helping us in keeping a track of the employees and the hours spent by them in the organization every single day. With the help of this product, we are able to keep a track of all the time records of an employee.

There are various buttons available in time log such as –

  • Start time Button - There is a button, ‘start time’ which you can use when you are ready to initiate or as soon as you step inside your workplace.
  • Stop time Button - The button of ‘stop time’ helps the clients in putting an end to the functioning hours. In case you want to leave in the middle of the day or if you are on a short leave, then you need to click on this button to stop the hours for the day.
  • Report all Button and the Daily report button - There are other options on the time log such as ‘report all’ which helps in tracking all the time details of the week days and the option of ‘daily report’ showcasses the daily timings of an individual.


This is a tool which has been designed in order to keep the track of all the project requirements for the completion of the projects and reach the desired outcomes.

There are various things which are kept in mind by the project management system such as-

  • Project planning
  • Project scheduling
  • Team collaboration
  • Time tracking
  • Customer relationship management
  • Reporting
  • Achieving desired outcomes
  • Project budgeting

The project management system helps the clients in various ways such as-

  • Collaboration on projects
  • Internal as well as external communication
  • Budget management
  • Sharing of documents
  • Monitoring and supervision of the projects
  • Communicating with the cleints and the suppliers
  • Optimised decision making process
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction


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